Good Samaritan became trending after helping the Father and Child who’s crying at sidewalk


A Good Samaritan recently had gone viral after buying a dad some food and his child whom he saw crying at the sidewalk besides a convenience store.

Photos of the daughter and her father who had come from a far off place, were shared in a post of Hanep TV as they waited outside a convenience store.

The place were the their photo was taken was still unknown at the moment. The post that had featured the father and his daughter, stated that they were hungry and they also did not have enough money for the fare for them to go home.

The dad was crying as he couldn’t do something for his daughter who was also crying in hunger.

Surprisingly, there was a citizen named Jheff Villasista Balayan who was just walking by the area when he happened to see the father and his daughter. The moment he knew the situation of them he didn’t think twice to help.

The good samaritan bought the father and his daughter some food though he knew they couldnt pay him back. The kind hearted man even bought the father’s daughter some milk, making sure that at least they don’t get to starve for the next couple of hours.

Making sure they also get to come home, the good citizen also gave them some money for their fare.

The kindness of the good samaritan was witnessed by someone who decided to post him while helping the father and the daughter in need. The photo had circulated on the internet which lead the netizens to admire him because of his pure act of kindness.

May the guy helping the father and daughter in the photo, sets an example and more hope for humanity.