Look At The First Ever Business Of Yamyam Gucong Of PBB Otso “Big Winner”


Business is extremely important to a country’s economy because businesses provide both goods and services and jobs.

William “Yamyam” Gucong is a Filipino comedian known for winning the Ultimate Big Winner of Philippine reality television series, Pinoy Big Brother: Otso.

He never fails to inspire many people as shown inside the house of Big Brother. He had recently opened his first business venture in Bohol.

Our 26 year old Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam, is confidently introduced his very own small bakeshope stuated in his loving hometown Bhol- Yamito’s Bakeshop, dubbed as “Tinapay ng Big Winner” .

Tuesday, January 07, one of the episode in a morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” Yamyam Gucong shared about his small bakery and revealed he’s looking forward to expanding his food business and hopes to have many branches, including somewhere in Manila.

Image Courtesy via Yamyam Gucong Instagram

In his IG account, he posted a photo of his latest achievement with his father and their new member of their family, a brand new car. August 12, 2018, before he was introduced as an adult housemate in Big Brother’s house, Yamyam has endured so many struggles and hardships in life.

At a young age, Yam yam was forced to stop pursuing education in order to help in sustaining and supporting his family’s financial needs.

He works several jobs in Cebu such as working as a water delivery boy and also a construction worker. The viewers and netizens was so amazed due to his admirable personality, his perseverance and keenness in the challenges and tasks, and unabashedly showcasing his authentic self.