LUCKY CHARMS 2020: This Are The Feng Shui Overall Lucky Charms For Your Chinese Zodiac Signs


Feng Shui has a different of useful implementation in person’s life. You can use these old principles to feng shui your house, garden, office and even your car. You can also use feng shui for more fine personal energy shield, and also to attract good luck.

The Chinese Feng Shui charms for any signal seem totally similar – the ritual ones are made from Jade, have a red Tassel and the guardian animal for a particular symbol.

Here are comes the list you are looking for; as consistently, approach all the feng shui and astrology info with a grain of salt and reminder to entrust your own judgement.

If the details feel correct for you, then do it; if it does not, then remain exploring.

Below are the Feng Shui Lucky Charms for All Chinese Zodiac Signs


1. Rat Garnet Overall: Monkey, Dragon or Ox

In 2020: Green Wu Lou Charm

2. Ox Aquamarine Overall : Rooster, Snake or Rat

In 2020: Wu Lou or Arowana

3. Tiger Sapphire Overall : Dog, Horse or Pig

In 2020: Rhinoceros or Elephant

4. Rabbit Pearl Overall : Dog, Pig or Goat

In 2020: Pi Yhao or Medicine Buddha

5. Dragon Amethyst Overall : Rat, Rooster, Monkey

In 2020: Green Tara or Brass Wu Lou

6. Snake Opal Overall : Ox, Rooster, Monkey

In 2020: Medicine Buddha or Citrine Tree

7. Horse Topaz Overall : Dog, Tiger or Sheep

In 2020: Pi Yao or the three Guardians (Pi Yao, Fo Dog, Chi Lin)

8. Goat Emerald Overall : Pig, Horse or Rabbit

In 2020: Kwan Yin or Fuk Luk Sau

9. Monkey Peridot Overall : Dragon, Rat or Snake

In 2020: Wu Lou or 3 Legged Toad

10. Rooster Citrine Overall : Dragon, Ox or Snake

In 2020: Money Frog or Medicine Buddha

11. Dog Diamond Overall : Horse, Tiger or Rabbit

In 2020: Wu Lou or Laughing Buddha

12. Pig Ruby Overall : goat, Rabbit or Tiger

In 2020: Rhinoceros, Elephant or the three Guardians (Pi Yao, Fu Dog, Chi Lin)