Here Are the 10 Side Effects Of Taking Pills That Maybe You Didn’t Know


Either you think about the birth control strike, birth control pills, or other birth control procedures; contraceptives do not just stop pregnancy.

The hormones in the birth control can also be important for clearing up pimples or increasing weight.

Here are the 10 side effects of taking pills that maybe you did not know:

1. An Intimate Area Yeast Infection

This harmful effect is triggered by changes the balance of hormones in the body. The endanger for a yeast infection is doubled by use of oral contraceptive and tripled through spermicides, and also elevated among the women who suffer from diabetes.

2. Blood Clots

The women who consume pills are double at chances of the blood clots than those that do not consume. It is particularly significant for women who are obese that weight over 35 and smoke.

3. Breast Soreness

It is gentle side effect, begin from the starting of use, but can enhance for the next couple of weeks. Because of the hormonal changes the breast can grow.

4. Advanced Bleeding

It happens when the first three months of beginning. Commonly the cause for bleeding is connected with low dose birth control pills.

5. Headaches and Migraines

As the pills are working on the decreasing levels of estrogen in the body it can cause to headaches and migraines. Studies proved that these conditions happen on the starting of intake, and later can increase or vanish.

6. Increasing Weight

The hormones in the pills can impact appetite and help water retention, which triggers increasing weight. If it bothered you consume the pills with a less estrogen, and increase your physical activities (work out).

7. Changes in Mood

Synthetic hormones may trigger imbalance of reliable neurotransmitters, causing to mood changes and emotional situation.

8. Nausea

It happens at the start of taking the pills, as an effect of the extra estrogen, which annoys the abdomen.

9. Wasting Libido

The actuality that pills stop the production of testosterone it can cause to side effects on sexual life. Commonly it leads to loss of attentiveness in intercourse, decreased potential have organisms and increased sore during then act.

10. Sight Changes

It is mostly endanger for the women who wear the contact lenses. Long-term using of the pills can cause to glaucoma or ocular hypertension.