If Your Blood Type is O, You Should Avoid Doing This to Protect Your Life


We all know that blood type O is the common donor; if you have this blood type you sure are fortunate yet unlucky at the same time.

Fortunate because you have the benefit to donate blood with all other blood types, but unluckily due to you can only receive a blood from people with the same blood type as yours.

Here are some of the exceptional that people with blood type O possesses as recommended by doctors:

– People with blood type O are more impotent to illnesses compared to people with other blood type. They are vulnerable to health issues such as ulcer, thyroid dysfunction, low thyroid hormones and lack of iodine.

– They are natural born leaders, highly active and aim oriented.

– People with this blood type are frequently described as trustworthy, committed, organized, focused, and practical. In Japan, employers frequently ask applicants of their blood type as they choose people with blood type O because of their distinctive personality.

– They are also considered to be good oriented than logicians.

– Ancestors of people with this blood type are considered to be hunters who are very capable of being observant in the environment to survive.

– Frequently than not, people with this blood type are commonly hyper-active and passionate. They are easily annoyed when faced with big amount of stress.

– Their high sensitivity eventually leads to unhealthy diet and more sedimentary lifestyle which may result to impotently to dangerous metabolic processes like insulin resistance, slow thyroid activity and increasing weight.

– People with this blood type also have high quantity of stomach acids which lead to sensitive gut or worse, ulcer formation.

– They should also avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine may increase the level of adrenaline which is already high for people with blood type O. doctors suggest they also work outs 3-4 times a week.